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Welcome to Stanford Blockchain Accelerator

Part of the Stanford Blockchain Club student group, the Stanford Blockchain Accelerator is the first and only blockchain focused accelerator at Stanford.

The accelerator is managed and run by an Alumni Board and current Stanford University students.

The 6th cohort application is open, please apply here:

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Who we are

We support Stanford student and alumni founders building transformational ventures driving increased adoption of blockchain technologies.

These include infrastructure, developer tooling, analytics, user experience, and compelling real world use cases among others.

90% of our 36 teams raised >$2M from top VC funds, they've collectively raised over $80M, and 70% launch and are post revenue with customers within 6 months.

Our content, mentor network, community, and partners give an unfair advantage ensuring success.

Have a look at our teams here

Watch our May '23 Cohort 3 demo day 
Watch our October '22 Cohort 2 demo day

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