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Our offering

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The Stanford Blockchain Accelerator is a 5 month program leveraging Stanford students, researchers, faculty, alumni, and ecosystem to help teams accelerate their ventures. 

Our program includes:

  • Bi-Weekly 1:1 Sessions
    • Each team meets with their student team coordinator on a weekly basis, paired with one of our leadership experts.
      • The team coordinators keep track of progress and needs, and help connect teams with our network of mentors hailing from the top protocols and funds for further deep dives.  
      • The SBA Leadership experts provide insight and support based on their deep experience as blockchain developers, exited entrepreneurs, and longtime investors in the space. 
  • Biweekly Content Fireside Chats and Meetups
    • The SBA invites industry thought leaders to share insight on every aspect of building blockchain ventures including
      • Blockchain Venture Lifecycle
      • Market Validation and Product Strategy
      • Product Design
      • Architecture
      • Tokenomics
      • Go-to-market
      • Fundraising
      • Legal Considertions
      • Business Development
      • Hiring
    • We also host regular community building meetups for our teams and the Stanford Blockchain community
  • Subject Matter Expert Guidance
    • Our network of 40+ researchers, operators at the leading protocols, and investors in tier 1 Blockchain funds offer their time and insight for 1:1 meetings with teams; providing critical insight and guidance to accelerate launch and product market fit. These include experts in tokenomics, cryptography, token launches, scalability, and industry insights across gaming, finance, media and more.
  • Fundraising and Business Development Support
    • The Stanford Blockchain Accelerator maintains deep relationships with over 50 blockchain focused funds and every leading protocol and project. We support our teams in crafting their story, practicing their pitch, and introducing them to the most appropriate investors to support them on their journey. When ready we help introduce teams to the right partners accelerating growth.
  • Hiring
    • Post raise, one of the most critical needs for our teams is hiring. We help teams craft job descriptions, and both find and assess the best candidates for their venture.
  • Content
    • ​​​​​​​Given the accelerated pace of innovation in blockchain it's at times challenging to keep track of everything. Our Content library helps teams stay abreast of every aspect of the blockchain ecosystem.


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